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Premium Ceramic Coating System for Superior Vehicle Paint Protection

Not just a new pair sealant, its an entire new technology!

CeraMax H/O features an air-cured ceramic coating that is up to three times as hard as your vehicle's clear coat. The "H" in H/) stands for "Hydrophobic", the property of repelling moisture. The 'O" stands for Olephobic", the property of repelling oils. (You may not know it, but your probably familiar with elephobic coatings from your smart phone. It's the coating that makes the face of your phone so easy to clean.)

With these H/O properties, CeraMax H/O forms a functionally protective sheet of armor for all vehicle painted surfaces and protects against:

  • Loss of gloss

  • Weather-caused oxidation 

  • Insects

  • Industrial fallout

  • Fading

  • Acid rain

  • Tree sap 

  • Bird guano

The protective benefits are achieve through unique product features and characteristics, including:

  • Nano-Ceramic Coating - Nano-technology (engineering of particles and resistance at the molecular level) produces a coating comprised of smaller particles) This results in a closer bonding to the paint surface; This closer bond reduces the poor size of the coating so dirt and moisture can't enter.

  • Reduced Surface Tension - This closer bond also provides a pore-free surface that produces a protective shield stronger, lighter and harder than competitive polymer coatings; It also translates to less adhesion for dirt and debris to attach itself to your vehicle's paint, making the vehicle easier to keep clean.

  • Hard, Protective Shine - Its tough, protective and deep brilliant shine is harder than your vehicle's clear coat. How much harder? Vehicle paint is typically rated at 3-4H (pencil hardness), while CeraMax H/O is rated at an incredible 9H- As much as 3X harder than your vehicle's clear coat.

  • Self-Cleaning Properties - When it rains, the hydrophobic/oleophobic properties of CeraMax H/O allows rain water to wash off accumulated dirt as it runs down the side of the vehicle, literally providing a car wash every time it rains!

  • Excellent UV Protection - Contains UV blockers that hep protect your paint finish against oxidation and fading

  • Extreme Temperature Protection - UV blocker protection also provides defense against damaging heat, reducing the probability of oxidation and fading

  • Minimized Micro-Scarring - Reduced pore size and harder nano technology ceramic surface helps prevent micro-marring and scarring of the paint surface. 

What makes CeraMax H/O Superior to other Ceramic Coatings?

Outstanding Surface Preparation!

CeraMax's 3-Step decontamination system effective removes alkaline, acids and other impurities from the paint's surface. This painstaking, through process preps the surface in a way that promotes maximum adhesion of CeraMax H/) sealant, ensuring optimal product performance. 

Long Lasting Durability and Protection

The installation time takes about 8 hours and can be scheduled on line by clicking the button below.

CeraMax H/O Ceramic Paint Protection: Services
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