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Don't let the RUST BUG bite!

With winter on our door step, snow is certain to be here soon. To protect travelers counties and municipalities apply various treatments to the road to keep ice from forming or to melt snow that has fallen on the interstate and at key intersections where you need to slowdown or stop.

Salting the roads is a benefit for drivers however, it comes at a price. The very same compounds that keep us safe have a corrosive enabling effect on any exposed metal surfaces and some un-exposed surfaces (such as inside the doors, inside the fender wells, the hood and trunk). Once that treatment contacts the metal on any unpainted surface, if it is not removed and cleaned thoroughly, rust will begin to form.

Even in the case of underbody of your car, going to a self service car wash and trying to spray the bottom of the car; you cannot completely clean the surface areas sufficiently to prevent contamination. Not to mention you can't get the inside metal surface of car doors, fender wells, and under the hood. You need to remove the salt after exposure only to have to repeat cleaning your car again after the next snow which may only be days away from the last storm. No one has time for this.

One approach is to apply a protective coating to the undercarriage to create a physical barrier between the exposed metal and any road treatment. The barrier is comprised of a rubberized kind of goo that is sprayed on while the car is lifted in the air. This allows the technician to see any surface and provide the appropriate under coating to any areas where rust could occur.

For the rust in the doors and under the hood, we expose and access the inside of the door and apply a corrosion prevention compound that is different from the rubberized undercoating. This compound bonds and protects the metal under the hood in the areas that aren't painted from the factor to keep a door or hood from rusting from the inside out.

The key here is prevention. Once rust starts, addressing the rust usually requires expensive replacement parts, disassembly and repainting parts of the car. If this isn't addressed, it can impact the service ability and resale value of the car.

Our ValuGard rust prevention service can be installed quickly on any vehicle regardless of the make or model in as little as an hour and a half. It is best if you can apply the treatment before the car is ever exposed to contaminants however, it can benefit your vehicle at anytime before rust begins.

We also offer a warranty through ValuGard which gives you peace of mind for vehicles that are up to 2 years old at the time the treatment is applied which will completely cover the cost of any repair should rust occur after the treatment. Wow, talk about peace of mind.

If you have a vehicle that you love and are looking to protect that investment talk to our installers about scheduling this service or go ahead and book online now!

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