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JL Audio RD1500/1 Amp With Incredible Power and Sound

Each year audio companies come out with new products and this time of year, we see many of the new products released just in time for the holiday gift season.

We managed to get our hands on the latest offering from JBL and boy were we impressed. This amp is 500w larger than the previous offering and you certainly can tell it! The owner has installed this in his vehicle and it was instant perma-grin.

The power delivery from this beauty is clean and linear with very accurate production of the sounds on the low end of the spectrum with no clipping or distortion at all. When you have this much power, you want to make sure you have the speakers that can handle it.

Here is a little video from our friends at Davis Distribution who supply the Audio Shop with the fine products we offer.

Check out Patrick's review and if you are really good, maybe Santa might find his way to put this under your tree.

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