Put a little light back in your car's life.

Most modern vehicles headlight covers are made of plastic. This plastic can be blasted by road debris and the suns harmful UV rays. Over time this will cause a hazy look to form on your vehicles headlights. The older your car gets, the more it starts to show its age. 

If you have looked at the dealership for replacement headlights and headlight covers, you may have found that new replacements can cost several hundred dollars all the way up to over $1000.00 depending on the vehicle make and manufacturer. 

Why replace the whole assembly and endure all of that cost when it's just the lens that needs to be treated? 

We have the tools, product and knowledge to restore your headlight covers to like new condition. Make your vehicles eyes look brighter and see better at night with our restoration service. 

Just think how you will feel when you look at the front of your car and your vehicle no longer shows it age. You may start to fall in love with it all over again!

Steering Wheel


Resurface the headlight cover for your vehicle.


Restore and protect your headlights from future hazing.