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Show the world how owning a Jeep is a complete lifestyle.

We sell and install top quality, stylish, and functional Jeep accessories while offering friendly customer service and expert advice.

Not sure on how to proceed with a custom look? No problem. Our staff will take the time to explain the function of any part you and ensure that when you get your accessories they are the right ones for your specific application.

Contact us today to learn more or simply come by the shop to see what we can do for your vehicle.

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Increase your ability to go rock crawlin'

We offer more than vehicle parts here at The Audio Shop, making sure our clients receive the best services available in the market. We can provide recommendations on how much lift and which kit is right for your model. When you make your decision, we can order and install it for you quickly so you can get back on the trail.


Great Protection for your Interior

Keep the inside of your Jeep as rugged as the outside with our Weather Tech floor mats which are made specifically for your vehicle. These are just what you need for the rugged outdoor life of a Jeep owner.


Get a Step Up

Lifting your Jeep may make it harder to get in and out of. Our nerf bar kits add a sturdy step to make life just a little easier while maintaining that ground clearance you are looking for.

Due to differences in make and model of vehicles, please call us for product availability and pricing. Chances are, you you want it, we can get it and have it installed for you in no time.

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