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Have you ever seen a car that stood out from the crowd? There was just something about that car that was different from everything else in the parking lot? You couldn't put your finger on it at first but over time you noticed that the windows were darker than other cars around it. The dark tint made the color of the paint on the car and the accessories on the car just pop. 

There are a number of benefits of tinting your windows beyond the sleek look of a car after the service is performed.

* Solar Protection- Added protection from solar UV rays helping control or resist damage to your interior which is expensive to replace and reduces the resale value of your vehicle.

* Temperature regulation- The car will be cooler in the summer as less heat energy makes it into the vehicle and is trapped inside the car.

* Privacy/ security- Keep prying eyes from wondering what you have in your car.

* Curb appeal - Who can deny the amazing look of some nicely tinted windows?

* Glare care- If you are constantly bothered with glare during the daytime or your eyes are sensitive to headlights in your rear view mirror tint can help.

At the Audio Shop we have professional installers who can get you in and out quickly minimizing your vehicles downtime. Our high performance window tint blocks out up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays. We also use a state of the art computer controlled cutting system to have your tint cut exactly to the parameters of your vehicle. This greatly increases the quality of the  finished product and reduces the amount time to perform the installation. No blades are used on your cars windows. 

We also guarantee the product and the workmanship for the lifetime of your vehicle


We use computer to manage and cut tint specific for your vehicle manufacture, make, and model. This allows us to greatly reduce the time to install your tint and minimize wasted product which both work to keep our prices low. 

The price of tint depends of the size and type of vehicle the tint will be applied to as well as the number of windows that will have tint applied to them. 

We have bundled the window tinting service into a number of offerings. Check out our pricing breakdown below.



Typically an install can be done in about an hour and a half.

We offer two options for your convenience:

Drop off - A drop off service where you can swing by in the morning and pick your car up at the end of the day.

By appointment - If you would like to minimize the downtime on your vehicle you can click the book appointment button below and select the kind of window tint package for your vehicle. Take a look at our times available on our website and book your appointment or call us schedule an appointment.

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