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In our harsh winters, salt is applied to the roads to make it easier for drivers to stop and start their car on ice. Thats great for drivers by terrible for their cars, as the chemical compounds in salt accelerate rust and corrosion. As our cars are one of our biggest investments we make, it only makes sense that you protect that investment. Our ValuGard service prevents corrosion and extends the life and curb appeal of the vehicle.

Undercoating a vehicle is one of the best ways to stop corrosion before it starts by putting a physical barrier between the vehicle and road debris. In addition to applying an undercoating to the exposed portion of the car, our service includes addressing corrosion on the inside of the structure of your vehicle by application of a corrosion prevention compound to tun inner structure of the doors, fender, trunk, and hood. 


Our ValueGuard rust prevention service is quick to install (usually taking two hours or less to install) and we offer the ability to purchase a warranty which covers you should any corrosion occur in the next 5 years.

Under the Car


Stop rust before it starts!

As most people don't wash the underside of their car, debris that is picked up from salted roads usually stays on the vehicle. Over time this contamination will lead to rust creation on the underside of your car. 

We use a special rubberized undercoating spray to create a barrier between your cars unpainted parts which protects your undercarriage from water and other contaminates that cause or acceleration corrosion. 

The undercoating is applied and dries in minutes. It does not interfere with any of the operation of the vehicle and is permanent.

This greatly reduces the chance that the vehicle will silently rust out from underneath.

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