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Have you ever dreaded going outside and getting into an extremely hot or cold car? You know that it will be some time before your interior temperature becomes comfortable. You could always run from your location inside a building to your car outside and start the car, then run back inside and wait for the car to warm up or cool down. Who really wants to do that? The risks of leaving a car in a drive way or parking lot running unattended are too great and it's a whole lot of extra work. 

With the installation of one of our remote starter systems, you can have the comfort you deserve without having to run out in the cold to start the car. You also have the security and piece of mind knowing that you haven't left the keys in the car. After all, the only person that should make a quick getaway in your car is you!

A remote start system is great if you have children because they seem to become upset having to sit in a hot or cold car. Do something great for the family and treat them to a comfortable and temperate car to get into year round.

Our remote start systems allow you to:

* Warm your car on a cold day

* Defrost your windows after ice or snow

* Cool your car on a hot day

* Start your car from up to 1000' away

* Keep your car running for up to 15 minutes without having the risk of keeping your keys in the ignition

We sell other models which offer additional functionality. Talk to our representatives for more information. 

We proudly offer CompuSTAR remote starts and alarm systems.







Quick Install with No Wires Cut

We offer remote starts coupled with a vehicle specific wiring harness and adapter which reduces the installation time, improves installation quality, and does not void your manufacturers warranty.

Plug n play remote starts provide you the best possible option to get your car in and out of the shop and ready to start enjoying the benefits as quickly as possible.

Works with Older Cars

When a customer comes to us for parts it is often in the context of a long project. We offer Maintenance services that will help guide you throughout the course of your automobile restoration and will save you time and money. This is what differentiates us from other vehicle part replacement stores. Come in and see what we’ve got to offer you.

Get Additional Features and Value from Your Remote

Our remote start kits either use a basic fob with a range of approximately 1000' feet or tie into your factory key fob. 

For customers that need a longer range, control of additional features, or two way communication with your vehicle, we offer a selection of additional remote controls including the impressive DRONE model. Talk to your installer about the possibilities.

Remote Starts: Services

*select vehicles can be more than the standard price. Call ahead to verify your price.

Remote Starts: Welcome
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